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Tibetan Astrology, Sky, & Citipati Etched Singing Bowl Set




  • Just in from Nepal!  We are so excited to finally share these DharmaShop exclusive etched singing bowls with you. We've spent the last year collaborating and designing these three new incredible bowls with our singing bowl artisans in the Kathmandu Valley.
  • We chose to create the Tibetan Sky, Citipati Impermanence, and Tibetan Astrology singing bowls due to their strong connection to nature and our customer's practice.
  • Each bowl takes a considerable amount of time to craft, and is hand-hammered, hand-tuned, and hand-polished before being etched with extraordinary detail.

This triad is perfect for starting or expanding your collection, as well as a great gift item.  Includes $897 worth of singing bowls for only $709 - a $188 savings for extraordinary etched singing bowls!

Often imitated, never duplicated.  DharmaShop is the original source of the Tibetan Sky Bowl and Citipati Etched Singing Bowl.  Designed by us and handcrafted by the best singing bowl artisans in Kathmandu exclusively for DharmaShop.

The Tibetan Astrology Singing Bowl features stunning astrological symbols including moon phases surrounding the sun, sacred geometric shapes, Tibetan clouds, and parasols.  The sacred geometry symbol, the Flower of Life, grounds the base of the bowl while the outside features spirals and symbols for good luck.

Our Tibetan Sky Bowl features flowing clouds around the outside with a Tibetan cloud symbol on the inside base of the bowl.   A cloud can take any shape,  having the potential to be anything.  There is a beautiful freedom and that comes from understanding that our reality is as fluid and ever-changing as the sky.

Citipati Impermanence Singing Bowl features a detailed Citipati skeleton dance design.  The skeleton dance is a sacred Tibetan ritual found in Himalayan Buddhism.  The Citipati skeletons are a pair of lovers whose dance represents the liberation and enlightenment that comes from accepting our impermanence.


Your set will come with wood and suede strikers, a large gold and large black ring cushion, and a rainbow square singing bowl cushion all hand stitched and stuffed with up-cycled materials.  Also includes a DharmaShop keepsake bag!


Tibetan Astrology Singing Bowl measures approximately 9.75 inches in diameter and 4.25 inches deep.

Tibetan Sky Bowl measures approximately 7-7.25 inches wide and 3-3.75 inches deep.

Citipati Impermanence Singing Bowl measures approximately 9.5 inches wide and 4 inches deep.


Check out the sound recording to hear an example of what your set will sound like.  Sounds great and recorded with our Handcrafted Red Wool Mallet