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Dalai Lama Woven Protection Amulet



  • These traditional Tibetan amulets are believed to heal, protect and harmonize the energies of the wearer or carrier.  Buddhists and spiritual people alike use amulets like this one for the healing and protective benefits.
  • Each amulet is handmade in Nepal to raise funds for local monks and nuns.  It features multicolor woven silk with an image of the HH the Dalai Lama that surround parchment printed with mantras for peace, protection and prosperity.
  • You may wear the amulet, keep it with personal belongings, put it under the pillow as you sleep, place it on or near the entrance to your home or sacred space, or use it in your car or to carry with you on journeys.

In many forms of spirituality, protection and healing amulets or "good luck charms" can be very powerful.  Whether you prefer cleansing your space with sage, hanging a dreamcatcher, burning incense, or collecting crystals, spiritual protection and healing is a common value.

The plastic case and silk wrapping protect the amulet and should not be opened or disassembled. 

Amulet measures just over 1.5 inches tall and is 1.25 inch wide.