Aries Eucalyptus Zodiac Incense



  • Made with love in Nepal, the Zodiac Incense is handcrafted using high-altitude Himalayan ingredients with a focus on astrology.
  • Astrology is very important to the everyday life of Tibetans to ensure that their daily activities are in tune with the cosmos.  It is associated with enhancing physical and emotional balance.
  • A combination of Eucalyptus and Himalayan herbs were selected to enhance the special characteristics of the Aries astrological sign.  Born March 21 - April 19, Aries are known to be ambitious, unstoppable, caring, and sociable.

Eucalyptus helps to refresh the mind and the spirit.  Its fragrance is known to boost circulation to the brain, relieve exhaustion and stimulate the mind.  It can help to rejuvenate the spirit with its stress relieving properties.  Burning eucalyptus incense can bring a sense of healing to your environment.

Comes in a recyclable, eco-friendly lokta paper package that measures about 9 by 2 inches.  Includes about 15 sticks that burn for approximately 45 minutes each.