Matte Riverstone Meditation Mala

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  • This unique and stunning matte riverstone mala is made right here at the DharmaShop!
  • The 108 matte beads are soothing to touch and gorgeous to look at, as each individual bead displays various combinations of colors such as: burnt reds, marbled tans, and sage greens.
  • Delicate brass spacers are highlighted in this mala and include both faceted and heart imprinted accents.  Features a hand stamped Thai Vermeil pendant and a brown tassel.

Riverstone's energy is said to accelerate change.  It is very useful when performing meditation or therapy, as it helps to move more swiftly through the process and focuses on energy to do so.  Riverstone is known to hold powerful energy, stimulating the entire aura and speeding up internal and external processes.

Mala measures approximately 29 inches around with a 1 inch adjustable feature.  Beads are 6m.  Thai Vermeil pendant is about 1 inch.