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Hematite and Rudraksha Wrist Mala



  • Handcrafted in Nepal, this wrist mala promotes protection, stability and healing.
  • Made with a combination of naturally stained rudraksha seed beads and hematite beads that are cool to the touch.
  • The transition between the textured seed and the smooth cool hematite creates a contrast that promotes concentration during meditation.

Hematite is associated with the Root Chakra.  It is often used to stabilize and ground, as well as for protection.  It's an excellent stone to dissolve negativity while preventing you from absorbing the negativity of others.

Rudraksha beads are known for their healing properties and protective powers.  By meditating with a rudraksha mala, it is believed to increase the ability to concentrate, giving clarity and peace of mind.

Adjustable wrist mala measures approximately 10 inches around when fully opened and tightens to about 7 inches.  Beads are about 8mm.