Earth Witness Buddha Carved Tibetan Singing Bowl


  • Our new etched Tibetan singing bowl is incredibly detailed and was hand picked from a stunning collection of carved singing bowls made in Kathmandu.
  • It is cast, hammered, polished, and etched entirely by hand.  The outside of the bowl is decorated with the mantra of compassion, Om Mani Padme Hum.
  • Inside the bowl is a detailed image of the earth witness Shakyamuni Buddha with mantras.

According to tradition, Shakyamuni traveled widely throughout the Indian subcontinent sharing his enlightened wisdom, promoting peace, and teaching people how to unleash the great potential of their lives.  His compassionate intention was to enable all people to attain the same awakened state of life that he had attained.

The "earth witness" Buddha is one of the most common iconic images of Buddhism.  It depicts the Buddha sitting in meditation with his left hand, palm upright, in his lap, and his right hand touching the earth.  This gesture represents the moment of the Buddha's awakening as he claims the earth as the witness of his enlightenment.

Bowl rings at a D note when struck with a woolen mallet.  This note resonates with the Sacral Chakra.  This energy is the center for creating relationships of all kinds.  It is where we develop an inward sense of self and an outward awareness of others.

Singing bowl measures approximately 6 inches in diameter and about 3 inches deep.  Made in Nepal.