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Malachite Transformation Wrist Mala



  • Malachite is a transformative stone known for its protective and healing properties.
  • Handmade in Nepal, this essential wrist mala bracelet features unique Malachite beads on stretchy cord with a silver spacer.
  • The gorgeous green swirls of Malachite can open up your Heart Chakra and bring about transformation and happiness.

A protection stone, Malachite is known to absorb any negativity or pain into itself to shield the wearer.  It can bring peace during times of change and growth, making it a great companion during life's new endeavors.  Some people believe that Malachite can guard against electromagnetic fields from electronic devices.

Available in two sizes on stretchy cord.  Small measures approximately 6.5 inches around.  Large measures approximately 7.25 inches around.  Beads are about 6mm.