Tibetan Traditions Gift Box



Tibetan Traditions
  • A gateway to Tibetan traditions, this curated gift set features a collection of handcrafted and ethically sourced items from Nepal to enhance your spiritual practice, cultivate a peaceful environment, and bring a touch of mindfulness to your daily life.
  • Whether you're new to mindfulness or want to deepen your practice, this gift set offers a variety of small but powerful tools to spark your journey.
  • The set includes the World's Tiniest Singing Bowl, Anxiety-Relieving Sandalwood Incense, our Red String Bodhi Bracelet, and White Tara Statue.  Includes $70 worth of goods for $65.

Palm-sized perfection, the World's Tiniest Singing Bowl is a great portable tool for meditation, sound therapy, stress relief, and chakra balance.  It allows you to take a moment for yourself, find quiet, and focus on the calming tones.  This small bowl gives you the power of healing and transformation literally at your fingertips.

The Anxiety-Reliving Incense is made from a special blend of Sandalwood and Himalayan herbs from ancient times.  Its calming effect is a useful aid in meditation, soothing nervous tension and anxiety while bringing peace to your surroundings.

Red String Bracelets are worn or given for good luck, protection, strength, and connection.  They are known as a powerful tool in many forms of spirituality and can serve as a symbol of love, positivity, and compassion.  The Bodhi Seed is a symbol of enlightenment.

White Tara is the embodiment of healing, compassion, and wisdom.  With her seven eyes she sees all suffering and has the wisdom and guidance the help you through your practice.


World's Tiniest Singing Bowl

Mahakala Anxiety-Relieving Incense

Red String Bodhi Bracelet

White Tara Resin Statue


Singing Bowl measures about 2" in diameter.

Incense includes approximately 30 sticks and comes with a small wooden burner.

Bracelet measures approximately 10" around when fully opened and tightens as desired.  Thread is about 1mm.  Bodhi bead is about 12mm.

Statue is approximately 4.5" tall.