Tibetan White Sage Incense



  • This incense is handcrafted in Nepal with a special blend of White Sage oil and many aromatic herbal plants found high in the Himalayas.
  • White sage is great for creating a positive environment by dispelling negativity. A cleansing aroma, it's an uplifting scent that clear the mind and encourage healing.
  • Used to support hormonal balance as well as emotional and spiritual clarity, it has a mellow, warm, and herbal scent.

Traditionally used for spiritual cleansing and to promote healing, White Sage incense is great for cleansing negativity and creating a more peaceful atmosphere. The aroma is both calming and relaxing, making this incense great for meditation.

Includes about 30 sticks that measure 4 inches. Comes with a small wooden burner and is wrapped inside of an eco-friendly lokta paper tube.