Antique Pumtek Journey Necklace



Buried Thunderbolt of Enlightenment
  • Earlier this year, a husband and wife Tibetan artisan team that we work with from Nepal let us know that they'd be visiting near our office in Novi for a local jewelry show and had brought a handful of specialty antique beads for us to see.
  • We selected a small strand of incredible antique Pumtek necklaces from their collection and sent a few of our favorites to our friend Joan in Colorado to create this incredible one-of-a-kind heirloom necklace.
  • Hand strung on vegan leather cord, this necklace features antique brass and copper beads along with a unique olive statement bead.  Looks great on both men and women.

The word Pumtek means, "buried thunderbolt" and these Pumtek beads are among the rarest and most sought after collectable beads in the world.  Pumtek beads are made of opalized wood, a material that is indigenous to Burma where the beads originated.  Opalized wood occurs when wood is fossilized and turned into stone, making these beads extremely unique.

Unearthed in Burma, traded to Nepal, traveled to Michigan, and assembled in Colorado.  Well-traveled, loved, and full of rich history and transformation.

Ancient beads like this would be priceless, and in the last decade even the vintage and antique Pumtek beads have become incredibly hard to source.  We were so excited to be able to source a handful of these authentic antique Pumtek beads.

This necklace features a geometric design with four tiger points.  This symmetrical design believed to represent the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water.  Many Burmese and Tibetans revere these beads as prized spiritual objects that can also act as protection amulets.


Measures approximately 18-20 inches around.  Pumtek bead is just under 1 inch.