Spiritual Armor Necklace



Spiritual Armor Protection Necklace
  • Only 5 available!  This unique necklace is hand strung by our friend Joan exclusively for the DharmaShop.  Rich with intricate details, each necklace takes a considerable amount of time and skill to create.
  • Featuring a double-sided copper Ganesh protection amulet from Thailand accompanied by a waterfall of high-quality lapis.  One side contains an image of Ganesh, the remover of obstacles; the opposite side shows the Om symbol, one of the most popular mantras.
  • Thai protection amulets are believed to heal, protect and harmonize the energies of the wearer or carrier.  Each one is handcrafted by monks in Bangkok to help support their Wats (temples).

Buddhists and spiritual people alike use amulets like this one for the healing and protective benefits.  In many forms of spirituality, protection amulets or "good luck charms" can be very powerful.

Lapis is said to promote self-awareness, enlightenment and open the mind to all possibilities.  It is considered to be a powerful stone when used for meditation.


Necklace measures approximately 16-18 inches around on vegan leather cord.  Amulet hangs about 1.75 inches.