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Astrological Three Metal Focus Ring for Anxiety



  • These three hand-hammered, intertwined rings are handmade in Nepal with a powerful combination of three metals: copper, brass, and sterling silver.
  • These three metals have a long history across many cultures around the world. Worn together they promote spiritual, emotional, and physical healing
  • Their combination represents the balancing of the elements, the planets, and the body's chakras.

Aside from their beauty, craftsmanship, and strong symbolism, these intertwined rings are a great distraction for anxious thoughts and feelings. The sensation of the rings mixed with the ability to slide them around and over each other help calm the mind and create focus on the task at hand. 

Many become familiar with the power of the three metals from Yogananda's "Autobiography of a Yogi".  It is believed that metals like brass, copper, and silver have the ability to help heal the mind and body based on the metal’s energy-conducting properties.  They can help stimulate the flow of energy and is a popular material in healing jewelry.

Please choose your size. Band size is approximately 3mm wide.