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About Us - The DharmaShop Journey

Welcome to Dharmashop, a trusted source  for authentic and unique Himalayan handicrafts. Since our humble beginnings in 1999, our mission has remained steadfast: to support the artisans of the Himalayan region while sharing their exquisite creations with the world.

Our Story

Nestled in the heart of the Midwest, Dharmashop was founded by Sander Cohen, a passionate traveler who was captivated by the beauty and spirituality of the Himalayan region during his journeys through Nepal. Driven by a desire to share this incredible culture with others, Sander opened the Dharmashop in a 2 bedroom apartment, eventually expanding  our online presence, which now reaches customers worldwide.

Supporting Artisans

We take pride in our close relationships with the artisans we work with, ensuring that each product is ethically sourced and made with the highest level of craftsmanship. By partnering with skilled artisans from Nepal, Tibet, India, and beyond, we help preserve traditional crafts and provide sustainable income for families in these communities. Our products are truly one-of-a-kind, carrying the spirit and stories of the people who create them.

Our Collection

Our carefully curated collection includes a diverse range of items, such as Tibetan singing bowls, meditation supplies, prayer flags, mala beads, and much more. Each piece is hand-selected for its beauty, authenticity, and spiritual significance, so you can find the perfect addition to your sacred space, spiritual practice, or simply a unique and meaningful gift for a loved one.

Giving Back

At Dharmashop, we believe in the power of giving back. Over the years, we have actively supported various charitable organizations and initiatives, focusing on education, healthcare, and cultural preservation in the Himalayan region. Your support enables us to make a lasting impact on the lives of countless individuals and their communities.

Join Us

We invite you to join us in our mission to celebrate and preserve the artistry and culture of the Himalayan region. Discover the world of Dharmashop, and let the beauty, wisdom, and spirit of these ancient traditions enrich your life.

Thank you for being a part of the Dharmashop family.




Tibetan Singing Bowls

Meet some of our amazing Tibetan singing bowl craftsman from the Kathmandu Valley!  Our lead singing bowl suppliers are also experts who specialize in sound therapy, healing, and sound baths.  The 4th and 5th generation artisans who create our Tibetan singing bowls use traditional methods to ensure that each bowl is entirely handcrafted and finely tuned.  Check out our Singing Bowl Page to watch a video of these artisans at work!

DharmaShop Handmade Tibetan Singing Bowls


Authentic Prayer Flags

A majority of our prayer flags are handcrafted by Kuisang and her team!  Every single one of our flags are made by the hands of Tibetan artisans in Nepal.  Many of our competitors will sell Chinese copies of prayer flags, but we are proud to work with a woman-lead team who continues to use traditional Tibetan methods for making prayer flags.  They specialize in the traditional wood block style of printing along but also practice modern screen-printing techniques.

DharmaShop Handmade Tibetan Prayer Flags


Malas & Wrist Malas

Here is our friend Dipendra and his team of mala makers!  We work directly with them to supply almost all of our handmade malas and wrist malas!  Dipendra has a vision to employ as many artisans as possible to help them work independently and march towards a better life for themselves and their families.  We absolutely love visiting his shop just outside of the Boudhanath Stupa, enjoying some tea and designing malas with him and his team.


Mala artisans in Nepal


Tibetan Incense

Many of our best-selling Tibetan incense are made entirely by hand in a breezy and comfortable room in the main building of the Khachoe Ghakyil Ling Nunnery.   Shirjana is head of operations for incense productions at the nunnery, and she helps many of the Tibetan refugee women by providing work and an education.  Making incense is the main way to raise funds and a part of the women's practice.  All proceeds from the production of this incense goes to support the nuns and the surrounding community.

Handmade Tibetan Incense from DharmaShop


Wool & Felt Items

Meet Shiksya and Matian!  They are the lead production managers for our knitted wool items including our Large Woolen Hand-Crocheted Blanket.  Their amazing team includes over 8 women who hand knit or crochet all of the Himalayan wool items you see in our collection.  They also help train and teach their craft to other women, as this consistent work can help them provide for their families as well as lead a more independent life.

DharmaShop Handcrafted Wool Items from Nepal


Handcrafted Statues

Every detail matters when it comes to our statues, which is why we love working with a 5th generation crafting family who continue to use traditional techniques for these exquisite pieces of art.  From hand carving, to painting delicate and detailed designs, each statue feels as unique as the artisan who created it.  Here you see Meenu Shakya hand painting a statue.  Her work is unique and especially meaningful as it allows her to stay home while raising her two children.  We are the first shop to offer these masterpiece statues to the Western public.

DharmaShop Tibetan Statues from Nepal


Fair Trade Soaps

Here is the incredible team at Wild Earth in Nepal!  We absolutely love their mission, which is to create an all natural product and empower women in the process.  Their work flow is beautiful.  Working from an open and airy home outside of Kathmandu, a team of women create each batch of soap by hand using traditional Tibetan and Nepalese ingredients.  In the wake of devastation caused by earthquakes in Nepal in 2015, your choice to buy Wild Earth's soap helps revitalize a vibrant economy as it nurtures and rejuvenates your skin.

DharmaShop Handmade Soaps from Kathmandu