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Himalayan Hand Dyed Artisan Blanket

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  • This multicolor all purpose blanket is completely hand loomed by the Nepalese women weavers in Kathmandu who make our incredible wool shawls.
  • Every weft is made using naturally hand dyed Himalayan wool and woven using traditional looming methods.  Each blanket takes a considerable amount of time and skill to create.
  • It features sections of bright blue, burnt orange, purple stripes, and gray with a brown and pink touch.  The bold, traditional Tibetan style colors give a stylish spin to this Himalayan blanket.

On our trip to Nepal in 2019, our team was able to visit with this amazing group to get a glimpse of their unique process.  We created a large camp blanket that the DharmaShop community has loved so much that we decided to expand on the collection.  This multicolor blanket is inspired by one of our best-selling Himalayan shawls!  Full of incredible stitch by stitch details, each blanket can take over a month to create.  You can truly see and feel the amount of care and craftsmanship in each blanket.

Works great as a bed cover or large throw blanket for your couch or chair.  Take it with you on your next adventure, or cozy up with it in your living room.  Whether it's a cool summer night or a bitter winter day, laying it out on the grass or wrapping it around your shoulders, every home should have a blanket like this.

Blanket measures approximately 78 inches by 90 inches.  Made of 70% wool imported from New Zealand and 30% cotton that is hand dyed and loomed in Nepal.