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Golden Tiger Dzi Wrist Mala



  • Our bright and bold Dzi bead wrist mala looks amazing on both men and women.  Wear it alone for a simple statement or stack it with some of your favorite DharmaShop wrist malas!
  • Beautiful golden tiger eye beads surround a true agate Dzi bead centerpiece with a Tiger Tooth motif.  The Tiger Tooth Dzi will energize the wearer as well as attract good luck and health.
  • A powerful Solar Plexus Chakra stone, golden tiger eye radiates brightness and optimism. 

Tiger Tooth Dzi can assist the owner with concentration, determination, and completion.  It is also revered as a spiritual object, capable of keeping away evil things and bodily protection.  "Tiger Tooth" describes the design and style of Dzi bead, they are not made from tiger teeth.

Tiger eye is believed to bring wisdom, clarity of thought, and protection to the wearer.  With a fierce, dynamic energy, the tiger eye stone is a protective stone, thus called the tiger's eye!  Golden tiger eye brings prosperity and can also provide a boost of creative energy.

Available in two sizes on stretchy cord.  Small approximately 6.75 inches around.  Large measures approximately 7.25 inches around.  Beads are 8mm.  Made in Nepal.