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Men's Grounding Spirit Bracelet

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  • This bracelet exudes a grounding energy, bringing the wearer closer to the Earth.
  • Made with 98% pure Hill Tribe silver beads alongside intricate stacks of African vinyl disk beads with a silver toggle clasp.  Each silver bead is handcrafted by silversmiths in Thailand.
  • The combination of light and dark presents a stylish and handsome design.

Bracelet is design and sized for men, but also looks great on women.  Wear it alone or pair it with a stack of your favorite bracelets, wrist malas, or even a watch.

Made from recycled vinyl records, African vinyl beads can carry different meaning depending on the color.  Black vinyl beads are said to represent spiritual energy and emotional maturity.

Measures approximately 8 inches around.  Handmade in Thailand.