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Sandalwood Incense Set



Sacred Scents Sandalwood Incense Set

  • Handcrafted in Nepal using Himalayan herbs, woods, flowers, and spices, our Sandalwood Incense Set is curated by our team in Michigan and packed in an eco-friendly lokta paper box.
  • The healing aroma of Sandalwood can be used to promote peace and harmony.  It is known to aid in meditation and deep relaxation.
  • The set includes Tibetan incense sticks, cones, and Nepali rope incense along with a ceramic all-in-one burner that allows you to burn all three styles.

Sandalwood is one of the most precious fragrant materials and has been used since ancient times.  Its lovely aromatic scent is excellent for staying present and alert during meditation, which makes it wonderful for ritual and spiritual practice.  It is great for clearing the mind and purifies the air and environment from negative energies.

Your incense set will come in a handcrafted lokta paper gift box.  Lokta paper is made entirely by a local women's co-operative community in Kathmandu involved in the ecological treatment and preservation of the forest.  This form of paper production is both sustainable and eco-friendly.


Box measures 10 x 6 x 2.5 inches.