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3 Style Variety Tibetan Incense



  • This set includes 3 styles of Tibetan incense handmade by the nuns of Khachoe Ghakyil Ling Nunnery in Nepal. All proceeds from the production of this incense goes to support the nuns and the surrounding community. 
  • Comes inside of a handcrafted lokta paper gift box, a renewal paper product. Also includes a small wooden incense burner.
  • The set allows you to try out 3 different fragrances of incense that can promote relaxation, uplift the spirit, and cleanse your surroundings.

Incense 1 is a rich, warm scent made of red and yellow Sandalwood with Valerian root and Cardamon.

Incense 2 has an earthy and grounding fragrance with Himalayan Pencil Cedar, Camphor, resin of the Sal tree and Clove.

Incense 3 combines traditional elements to create an authentic Tibetan palette, and is made of Bakchi, Spikenard, Valerian Agar and Basil.

Box measures about 5 inches long, 3.5 inches tall, and 1 inch thick. Includes sticks that measure about 4 inches.