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Dragon's Blood Himalayan Incense



  • A gift of nature, this Dragon's Blood incense is 100% natural with no artificial fragrance.  Comes packed in handcrafted and sustainable lokta paper decorated with a dried Himalayan flower.
  • Dragon's Blood incense is made from a natural plant resin taken from a type of palm tree called the Dracaena, or "Dragon's Tree."  The resin extracted from the tree is often red in color, thus giving it the name Dragon's Blood.
  • Because of it's sweet and soft, slightly warm Amber-like scent, there are many ways to use Dragon's Blood incense.  It's great for burning around the house or setting the tone for meditation and yoga.

Dragon's blood is known as a powerhouse for protection.  The warm, earthy scent can create a serene atmosphere as it offers cleansing properties.  Some also believe that it has the power to amplify spells and energize the magical realm.

Package measures approximately 9 inches long and 2 inches wide.  Includes about 15 sticks.