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Onyx Confidence Wrist Mala

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  • Our stylish black onyx wrist mala is hand strung right here at the DharmaShop!
  • The shiny black onyx can provide strength and confidence while protecting you from negative energy.
  • An essential every day wrist mala, it looks great on its own or worn in a stack of your favorite bracelets.

Onyx stabilizes, heals, and strengthens your Root Chakra so you may become more grounded and productive.  It is a soothing stone, helping to alleviate fears and worries.

Adjustable wrist mala is available in two sizes. Small measures approximately 6.75-7 inches around when fully tightened and opens to about 10 inches.  Large measures 7.25-7.5 inches around.  Beads are 10mm.