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Tibetan Traditions Green Knotted Bracelet



  • Knotted string bracelets are worn or given for good luck, protection, strength, and connection.
  • They are known as a powerful tool in many forms of spirituality and can serve as a symbol of love, positivity, and compassion.
  • Hand tied by Tibetan artisans in the shadow of the Boudhanath Stupa using an "endless knot" technique, named after the Auspicious Symbol representing the interconnectedness of all things.

This bracelet is designed to be worn as a reminder of your personal connection to it - whatever that may be to you.  Each knot represents a mantra or personal affirmation and is infused with positive energy and good intention.  It connects you to your practice and to all those who wear them, spreading peace and compassion within the community.

In Buddhism, it is believed that these green cords offer prosperity and spiritual growth.  They are often tied during ceremonies or given to practitioners by monks, gurus, or nuns to represent lessons learned.  The green color is associated with new beginnings and spiritual awakening.

We encourage you to create your own experience with the green knotted bracelet.  You influence its significance and what makes the experience of wearing or gifting it special.  Utilizing the strength of your thoughts and intentions is what truly makes these bracelets so powerful.

Check out our Tibetan Traditions Knotted Bracelet Set!  Includes all 6 colors.


Measures approximately 7.25 inches fully tightened and opens to about 9 inches.  Knots are 3-4mm.