Crystal Chakra Energy Necklace

  • Pick your favorite gemstone with our new crystal necklaces!  Made a one-of-a-kind hexagonal point gemstone pendant on an adjustable sterling silver chain.
  • Each stone helps to promote chakra balance and carries powerful metaphysical healing properties.  Choose the stone that resonates with you!
  • We really love the elegant and stylish look of these necklaces along with the unique properties of each stone.

We have 4 gemstones to choose from:  Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Citrine!

Amethyst is a great stone for both the Crown and Third Eye Chakras.  It is used for inspiration and intuition.  By wearing Amethyst, you become more in tune with your own feelings and get to know your inner self on a much deeper level.

Clear quartz is known for stimulating the Crown Chakra.  Wearing, carrying or meditating with quartz crystal can open the mind and heart to higher guidance.

Rose quartz is a stone of unconditional love and positive energy.  It opens the Heart Chakra to all forms of love and helps to fill you with compassion and happiness.

Cleanse your Solar Plexus Chakra with the warm vibrations of Citrine.  Powered by the sun, Citrine is a warm and bright stone that radiates positivity and joy.

Adjustable necklace measures approximately 22 inches around and can be tightened as desired.  Crystal pendants are about 1-2 inches in length.  Please note that because each stone is unique, size or style may vary slightly.