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New Etched Bowls

Just in from Nepal!  We've spent the last year collaborating and designing these three new incredible bowls with our singing bowl artisans in the Kathmandu Valley.We chose to create the Tibetan Sky, Citipati Impermanence, and Tibetan Astrology singing bowls due to their strong connection to nature and our customer's practice.
Singing Bowls Tibetan Sky Bowl SB195
Singing Bowls Tibetan Sky Bowl SB195
Tibetan Sky Bowl 8 reviews $ 199.00
Tibetan Astrology Singing Bowl 1 review $ 399.00
Citipati Impermanence Singing Bowl 2 reviews $ 299.00
Tibetan Astrology, Sky, & Citipati Etched Singing Bowl Set 1 review $ 709.00