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Knowledge Prayer Flags

  • We asked our prayer flag makers in Nepal to make us a set of 25 flags with 5 different designs in heavy polyester.
  • Images include Windhorse, Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava), White Tara, Namgyalma, and Amitayus along with various prayers and mantras for knowledge, long life, peace, prosperity, and success.
  • Images are printed using wood blocks in the traditional colors of red, yellow, blue, green, and white.

The prayers written on the flags are carried by the wind and your own mind to all as a blessing.  By viewing the flags, you are reminded to pray for the welfare of people and to be mindfully motivated to be kind, compassionate, as well as stay joyful throughout the day.

The Windhorse is a popular symbol in Tibetan culture.  It represents well-being and good fortune.

White Tara represents compassion and healing.  She is associated with long life.

Guru Rinpoche, also called Padmasambhava, is known as a character of literature and knowledge.

Namgyalma is one of the 21 embodiments of Tara.  Her mantra is known to grant longevity and also karma purification.

Amitayus, also known as the Buddha for Limitless Life, is an embodiment of Amitabha Buddha that assists in leading a sentient and long life.

Set includes 25 flags that measure approximately 6.5 by 8 inches.  Entire strand is about 14 feet long.  Made of polyester in Nepal.