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Manjushri Amber Incense



Burns 2 hours per stick!
  • The Tibetan Manjushri incense is handmade according to the ancient Tibetan indigenous medicinal system with Amber and a blend of precious herbal ingredients.
  • Amber incense has a warm scent with floral and citrus undertones that help to calm the mind.  It can help ground your emotions and reduce stress and anxiety.
  • The package is decorated with two mandala stamped wax seals, a Bodhi leaf, and the symbol of Om that begins the Manjushri mantra, "Om A Ra Pa Ca Na Dhih."  Due to the sacred content of these symbols, we recommend burning the packaging rather than throwing it away.

Burning Amber incense is great for meditation or yoga practice.  The relaxing fragrance increases positivity and alleviates negative thoughts or feelings.  We find that this scent can be very rich, comforting, and calming.

Manjushri is known as the deity who eliminated ignorance and opposition to the Dharma.  He and his mantra represent wisdom.  He holds a sword in his right hand that symbolizes his ability to cut through delusion.  His left hand, close to his heart, holds the stem of a lotus flower.

Package measures about 8 inches long.  Includes about 19 large sticks.  Due to the larger size of these sticks, you may need a bowl for burning rather than a traditional burner as the hole may be too small.