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Set of 7 Crystal Chakra Singing Bowls

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  • You asked, we listened. Our much-requested Crystal Singing Bowl is here and we've now added an exclusive set of 7 bowls tuned to the Chakra notes! Only 3 sets available, so grab one before they're gone.
  • While our expertise lies in the artistry of handcrafted Tibetan singing bowls, we believe there is a place for different instruments and practices within the sound healing journey.
  • Sourced by our trusted partners in Nepal, this set of crystal singing bowls is an exciting expansion that offers a unique experience while complimenting our existing collection.
Hand-picked by DharmaShop in collaboration with one of Nepal's greatest singing bowl producers, collectors, and sound therapy luminaries. Ensuring authenticity and quality of appearance and sound.

Crystal singing bowls offer a unique sound healing experience due to their powerful vibrational sound and ease of use. Made primarily of high-purity quartz crystal, a natural oscillator, these bowls are able to vibrate at a stable frequency that produces a clear, long-lasting tone that emits effortlessly.

The precise tuning of each bowl allows for a focused resonance useful for meditation and deep relaxation. Singing crystal bowls together with traditional Tibetan bowls can create a more rich spectrum of sound to enhance your healing experience.

Cleanse yourself in a sound bath using this incredible, high-quality set of bowls in the Seven Chakra scale. It is believed that when your chakras are balanced, you are able to live a happier and healthier life. Sound healing using meditation bowls can help you clear the mind and connect with yourself on a deeper level, bringing balance and promoting spiritual wellness.

Check out the video below to see a demonstration of this incredible set!


Your set comes with several special wood and rubber mallets along with rubber stabilizing rings for each bowl. Also includes a padded carrying case.


Bowls measure approximately 6-12 inches in diameter.


This set follows the Seven Chakra scale and includes the following notes: C (Root Chakra), D (Sacral Chakra), E (Solar Plexus Chakra), F (Heart Chakra), G (Throat Chakra), A (Third Eye Chakra), B (Crown Chakra).

Listen to the sound recording to hear an example of what your set will sound like! It begins with striking each bowl one by one followed by a strike and sing combination through the scale.

*Due to the weight and fragility of this item, it is exempt from free shipping. Please see your shipping quote at check out.