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Everest Necklace with Aventurine

  • Made in Kathmandu by a woman-led artisan group, this long silver-plated necklace features a handcrafted Everest pendant that hangs from a piece of faceted aventurine.
  • Aventurine carries a beautiful green energy that activates and stimulates the Heart Chakra.  It invites good luck and prosperity into your life.
  • The pendant is reminiscent of the Himalayan mountain range with Everest towering beautifully in the distance.

Aventurine is known as the "Stone of Prosperity."  Green Aventurine benefits one in intellect, mental clarity, areas of creativity, and imagination.  It also allows people to see potentials and to see alternatives in all situations.  Gives positive outlook, courage, and inner strength.

Necklace measures approximately 39 inches around.  Smoky quartz piece is about 0.75 inch and the Everest pendant is about 1.25 inches.