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Endless Harmony Ring



  • DharmaShop founder, Sander, actually picked out this vintage style Tibetan ring for himself on his trip to Nepal in 2018.  It is now one of his favorite pieces!  Handcrafted in Kathmandu, it includes a faceted brown chalcedony stone set in brass.
  • Wearing this brown chalcedony ring helps to stimulate the Sacral Chakra and promote harmony in life.
  • The thin band allows for a comfortable fit.  Sized ring - please choose your size!

Brown chalcedony is a warm and nurturing stone that brings harmony of the mind, body and spirit.  It is a stone that helps turn negative energy into positivity.  Brown chalcedony encourages clear thinking and relaxed communication.

Sized ring.  Front of ring measures about 3/4 inch tall and 3/8 inch thick.  *Due to the handmade nature of the ring and its stone, size and shape may vary slightly.*