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Master Healer Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

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  • The booming, larger version of our original Masterpiece Singing Bowl is here.
  • Hand hammered, hand polished, and fixed with our DharmaShop promise that your bowl will be perfect. The set comes with a golden ring cushion and large suede mallet!
  • Our customers love the lower, resonating tone of these masterpiece singing bowls. A great partner in meditation, yoga, and other chakra clearing exercises.

These exquisite bowls are handmade in Patan, in the Kathmandu Valley, exclusively for DharmaShop. Each bowl is hand hammered from plates using a special blend of 7 metals. Though only 2 metals are critical to the sound and function of the bowl, practitioners have asked that the 7 metals are included. Our 4th generation singing bowl artisans have delivered a simply breathtaking bowl with a gold tone derived from the special mixture of metals.


Your bowl comes with a gold ring cushion and a wood and suede mallet.


Measures approximately 11-12 inches in diameter and is about 4.5 inches deep.


Check out the recording to hear an example of what your bowl will sound like.Sounds great and recorded with ouHandcrafted Red Wool Mallet!