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Our New Masterpiece Tibetan Singing Bowl



  • Our favorite handcrafted, artisan masterpiece singing bowls are here! These exquisite bowls are handmade in Patan, in the Kathmandu Valley, exclusively for DharmaShop.
  • Each bowl is hand hammered from plates using a special blend of 7 metals. Though only 2 metals are critical to the sound and function of the bowl, practitioners have asked that the 7 metals are included.
  • Our 4th generation singing bowl artists have delivered a simply breathtaking bowl with a gold tone derived from the special mixture of metals.

Hand hammered, hand polished, and fixed with our DharmaShop promise that your bowl will be perfect.


Your bowl comes with a wood and suede striker and our gold brocade ring cushion hand stitched and stuffed with up-cycled materials. Includes a DharmaShop keepsake bag.


Measures approximately 7-8 inches in diameter with a perfect single tone.


Check out the sound recording to hear an example of what your bowl will sound like.Sounds great and recorded with ouHandcrafted Red Wool Mallet!