Himalayan Earth Soap Gift Set


New for the season, our DharmaShop soap gift sets.  A $39 value now available for $29, gift wrapped and ready to be received.

What we did here was combine three of our favorite bars of soap handmade by Wild Earth in Nepal.  Wild Earth's mission is to create an all natural product and empower women in the process.  Working from an open and airy home outside of Kathmandu, a team of women create each batch of soap by hand.  Using a traditional cold press method combined with organic Tibetan and Nepalese ingredients, each bar is carefully crafted and then cured for one month.

Your gift box includes...

Himalayan Botanical Spearmint Soap

- An exfoliating and invigorating all-purpose bar.  This soap combines nettle, a staple of traditional healers and used for treating a variety of skin problems, with the refreshing fragrance of spearmint.  Especially good for blemished and matured skin.

Yak Milk Vanilla Tibetan Organic Fair Trade Soap

This is Wild Earth's richest soap.  Bathe with this soap for a real exotic indulgence.  A sweet smelling soap with a luxurious lather made from the milk of yaks living in the Mount Everest region of Nepal.  Organic vanilla scent.

Wild Himalayan Nettled Unscented Soap

- A bar with an earthy herb aroma, enriched with natural properties of wild Nettle.  Nettle is a staple of traditional healers and used extensively for treating a variety of skin problems.  This is our best soap for sensitive and blemished skin.