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Agarwood Nepali Rope Incense



  • Traditional Nepali rope incense handmade in Nepal. Made up of Agarwood and herbs found high in the Himalayas.
  • One of the most ancient incense ingredients, Agarwood is known to have woody scent with a hint of musk and sweetness.  It is one of the best scents for spiritual practice, yoga and meditation.
  • Rope incense is traditionally used in stupas and temples, or any room that you would like to add an aromatic ambiance.

Agarwood incense creates a spiritual atmosphere and brings energy to calm the mind and spirit.  Buddhist monks have used Agarwood for thousands of years to help increase concentration during meditation.  Its fragrance can reduce stress, increase productivity and inspire creativity.

Includes over 40 incense that measure about 4 inches long.