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Himalayan Cone Incense Set



Sacred Scents Sandalwood Incense Set

  • Handcrafted in Nepal using high altitude Himalayan herbs, woods, flowers, and spices, our Cone Incense Set is curated by our team in Michigan and packed in an eco-friendly lokta paper box.
  • The set features our Sandalwood, Agarwood, Juniper Berry, Palo Santo, Patchouli, Nag Champa, and Vanilla cone incense.
  • Also includes our Ceramic Triangle Incense Burner from Kathmandu. Made of hand sculpted clay before being fired, dried in the sun in the Kathmandu Valley, and glazed in a gorgeous Marigold finish.

Sandalwood is a sacred fragrance with a lovely aromatic scent that is excellent for staying present and alert during meditation and known to aid in deep relaxation. Its healing aroma can be used to promote peace and harmony.

Agarwood incense creates a spiritual atmosphere and brings energy to calm the mind and spirit. Buddhist monks have used Agarwood for thousands of years to help increase concentration during meditation. Its fragrance can reduce stress, increase productivity and inspire creativity.

Juniper Berry incense has a warm, woody and sweet fragrance with a protective energy. It is great for cleansing and clarity, known for clearing the mind and stimulating the senses.

Palo Santo is a soothing fragrance with a calming energy thatenhances the mood. Burning one of these cones prior to meditation can help you feel relaxed and focused. The uplifting scent is known to cleanse negativity and relieve stress.

Patchouli has a powerful woodsy and musky scent that is referred to as both spicy and sweet. It helps provide feelings of relaxation and has a grounding energy. Patchouli is very grounding and can help ease anxiety and enhance focus.

Nag Champa is a classic and very popular fragrance enjoyed by many. Known as a sacred scent that purifies your environment and the energy within it, Nag Champa can induce a new wave of positive energy and uplift the spirit.

Vanilla is a classic scent that is great for anytime of day or night. Its uplifting fragrance can soothe the senses and bring a sense of positivity and light to your space. This incense is great for aromatherapy and can create a calming environment for yoga or meditation.

Your incense set will come in a handcrafted lokta paper gift box. Lokta paper is made entirely by a local women's co-operative community in Kathmandu involved in the ecological treatment and preservation of the forest. This form of paper production is both sustainable and eco-friendly.


Box measures 10 x 6 x 2.5 inches.

Each incense pack contains about 25 cone incense.

Burner measures approximately 2.5 inches on each side.