Ceramic Rope Incense Burner

  • A ceramic rope incense burner handmade by potters in Kathmandu.
  • Each holder is made of hand sculpted clay before being fired, dried in the sun in the Kathmandu Valley, and painted a gorgeous brick red hue.
  • It features a brass stand that hooks into the base of the burner, allowing you to easily hang and burn your rope incense.  The ceramic base makes it great for burning cone incense too!

Himalayan rope incense is the traditional braided form of incense used in Nepal for Puja, meditation, and shamanic healing practices.  Typically, each rope contains Ayurveda and various blends of herbs from high in the Himalayas.  Not only is this ceramic holder great for burning rope incense, but it is a stylish addition to your home decor.

Ceramic base is about 4.25 inches in diameter.  Brass stand is about 5.5 inches tall.