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Wisdom Bliss Rope Incense



  • This traditional Wisdom Bliss rope incense is handmade in Nepal with herbs and fragrances from high in the Himalayas.
  • Comes in a handmade red lokta paper box and includes a list of scents used to create this particular set.
  • Includes white Sandalwood, Sal Dhoop resin, and Cardamon Pod, among others.

Rope incense is traditionally used in stupas and temples, or any room that you would like to add an aromatic ambiance.  The scent is a mixture of high altitude plants and woods with proven healing properties.  Burning Wisdom Bliss Incense can help to remove tension and create awareness, keeping your mind focused and alert during meditation.

Includes about 25 incense that are 3.5 inches long, along with a ceramic burner.