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Outdoor Buddha Statue

  • This large black Shakyamuni Buddha statue is handmade in Nepal by master sculptors.  Made of natural tree resins, a hand carved mold is made from which each statue is cast.
  • Statue features a serene Shakyamuni Buddha seated on a lotus platform with incredible detail carved into the robes including Tibetan clouds and dragons.
  • A large statue, this one is great for indoor our outdoor use!  Place it in your outside in your garden or on the patio, or decorate your indoor sacred space.

The Shakyamuni Buddha was a spiritual master who lived and taught in modern day India and Nepal.  Shakyamuni taught others to be awakened to the true nature of reality and freed from suffering.

Dragons have special meaning and symbolism in many cultures.  They are fierce protectors and wise leaders, guardians and sages.  Tibetan dragons are protectors of Buddhism whose thunderous voices awaken us from delusion.

Statue measures approximately 12 inches tall and 7 inches wide.

*Due to the fragility and weight of this item, our standard shipping rates may differ