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Pyu Dzi Protection Bracelet



  • A bold and limited edition bracelet made with Black Tourmaline and a rare true agate Pyu Dzi bead from DharmaShop founder, Sander Cohen's personal collection.
  • These Tourmaline beads are very unique!  They appear almost all black but feature a metallic stone iridescence depending on how you look at them.
  • The beautiful and highly contrasted round Pyu Dzi bead with three stripes features visible cinnabar dots, also known as bloodspots, that reflect its age and authenticity.  The design, shape, and quality of this bead are extremely rare.

The Dzi bead comes directly from Sander's personal collection that has accumulated over the last 20 years throughout his travels to Kathmandu and Taiwan. Dzi beads are believed to bring protection and prosperity to the wearer.  The 3 stripe design represents multiple fortunes to be gained by the owner.  If powered by love of ones self, this bead can offer a great journey.

Black Tourmaline is an extremely powerful grounding stone that protects you from negative energy.  it is said to neutralize negative thoughts and turn them into positive, useful energy.  Connected to the Base Chakra, Black Tourmaline grounds you to the earth and allows you to feel confident and motivated.

Bracelet measures about 6.75 inches around on stretchy cord.  Beads are 10mm.  Pyu Dzi is about 14mm.  *Limited quantities available - so grab one while you can!*