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February 25, 2016 1 min read

Dharmashop Nepal Earthquake Response: Donate Here

For 17 years we have been traveling to Kathmandu Nepal and have many co-workers and family in Nepal. Our offices, staff and artisans are in Kathmandu and we are in contact with them continuously. The relief efforts from this disaster are going to be ongoing for some time. has already donated thousands to to provide food and water as well as shelter and medical care to those who need it in Nepal. We will also be donating continuously to Nepal relief funds until the crisis is over. Please consider giving to these trusted organizations and keep Nepal in your thoughts.

Our mission is to support Tibetan, Newar and Nepalese artisans and continue to find a market for their hand crafted goods.  We also assist Tibetan and human rights charities with direct financial support.


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