Antique Bowls

Our old Tibetan singing bowls are hand picked by DharmaShop founder, Sander Cohen, from a stunning and superior collection of antique bowls from Kathmandu.  These bowls are one-of-a-kind with gorgeous signs of age and wear that show and sing beautifully.  Each of our singing bowls will come with a traditional wooden striker.  Check out our singing bowl accessories page for cushions and mallets!
Artistic Expression Old Tibetan Singing Bowl $ 625.00
Lost Collection of Antique Singing Bowls 04 $ 2,500.00
Lost Collection of Antique Singing Bowls 11 $ 1,900.00
Lost Collection of Antique Singing Bowls 02 $ 2,600.00
Love and Kindness Antique Singing Bowl $ 725.00
Blissful Inspiration Antique Singing Bowl $ 625.00
Clarity of Mind Antique Singing Bowl $ 625.00
Serene Vibrations Antique Singing Bowl $ 575.00
Sense of Self Antique Singing Bowl $ 625.00
Emotional Well Being Antique Singing Bowl $ 675.00