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December 04, 2023 2 min read

Crystal Clear vs Rustic Resonance: The difference between Singing Bowls

Singing bowls have captivated people for years, beckoning with their mesmerizing sounds and potential for calm, relaxation, and healing. Singing Bowls were strictly made of a mix of metals, delivering a long resonating golden tone. 

But in the last 15-20 years or so, a new crystal bowl has gained popularity. These bowls are typically machine made, which is not to discount their gorgeous sound and tuned accuracy when discussing notes and hz.  Below we will discuss some of the properties of each, and differences between the two...

Quartz Crystal: Contemporary Sounds

The high-purity quartz amplifies and focuses sound, creating long, sustained notes. Think clean, clear chimes, washing over you like waves on a tranquil shore.  These bowls are often associated with New Age practices and contemporary sound healing, making them ideal for modern mindfulness rituals.

Metal Majesty: The Original

Close your eyes and picture a blacksmith's hammer striking a gong. That's the rich, grounded resonance of a metal singing bowl. Traditionally made from a blend of seven metals, symbolizing alignment and connection, these bowls pulsate with complex overtones; soaring through sonic landscapes. They may not be as easy to sing as their crystal counterparts, but their deep, warm vibrations leave you feeling grounded and centered, like roots digging deep into the earth.

Metal bowls whisper of spiritual wisdom. Their roots lie in Tibetan Buddhism and Himalayan rituals, where they've been used for centuries for meditation, ceremonies, and offerings. If you seek a connection to these traditions or crave a sound that stirs your soul from its core, a metal bowl might be your guide.

The Verdict: A Symphony of Choice

Full disclaimer: DharmaShop specializes in authentic Singing Bowls handmade in Nepal by generational artisans, so we are doing our best to not be biased.

Ultimately, the best singing bowl is the one that sings to you.  Not just in sound but in story and craftsmanship.  Try a few out, listen closely, and feel the resonance within.  Do you crave the ethereal clarity of crystal or the earthy depth of hand-hammered metal? Perhaps you'll find magic in both!

No matter your choice, remember, singing bowls are more than instruments; they're portals to inner peace and self-discovery. So, take a deep breath, raise the mallet, and let the sounds of your soul begin.

Namaste from Dharmashop!

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