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December 14, 2023 2 min read

Hematite vs Obsidian: A Tale of Two Grounding Stones

We've gotten a lot of calls, emails, and texts into the office from customers trying to decide between Obsidian and Hematite.  It is actually what inspired us to create our Hematite and Obsidian Lunar Bracelet, combining both properties into one.  Few stones offer the same level of grounding and protection as hematite and obsidian. Both are deeply connected to the earth, exuding a powerful energy that is believed to shield you from negativity and keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. But with such similar strengths, choosing between them can be tricky.

So, let's delve into the fascinating world of these two grounding giants and see how they differ:

Formation and Appearance:

    • Hematite: Born from iron-rich volcanic rock, hematite boasts a stunning metallic sheen. Its color ranges from deep, almost gunmetal grey to a rich, reddish brown.
    • Obsidian: A volcanic glass formed from rapidly cooling lava, obsidian is known for its deep, inky blackness. It can also be found in brown, grey, and even rainbow-hued varieties.

Energetic Properties:

    • Hematite: This iron-infused stone is a champion of grounding and stability. It anchors your energy to the earth, shielding you from scattered thoughts and anxieties. Hematite is also known for its ability to boost confidence, willpower, and mental clarity.
    • Obsidian: Often referred to as a "psychic vacuum cleaner," obsidian draws out negativity and emotional toxins, leaving you feeling cleansed and renewed.

Choosing the Right Stone:

    • Hematite: If you're feeling overwhelmed, ungrounded, or lacking in focus, hematite is your perfect ally. Its stabilizing energy will bring you back to center and help you navigate life's challenges with confidence.
    • Obsidian: If you're seeking emotional detox, protection from negativity, or deeper self-understanding, obsidian is your stone. Its powerful cleansing properties can help you shed emotional baggage and embrace your authentic self.

DharmaShop carries a nice collection of both stones, and they work in tandem well, as found in our Hematite and Obsidian Lunar Bracelet.  If you have any further questions, or need help choosing a mala, feel free to send us an email or give us a call in the office.


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