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December 14, 2023 2 min read

First and foremost, always and only use authentic and sustainably sourced Palo Santo and Sage. The rise in spirituality and "cleansing" have given us an environmental and social responsibility when it comes to using these ingredients. Including overharvesting, deforesting, fair-wages, and cultural appropriation.

When it comes to Palo Santo and Sage, both are powerful tools for cleansing and purifying energy, but they offer slightly different benefits when used together:

Palo Santo:

    • Known as "Holy Wood," Palo Santo emits a sweet, clean smoke when burned. It's traditionally used to clear negative energy, attract good fortune, and promote creativity and inspiration.
    • Palo Santo is gentle and uplifting, making it a good choice for daily cleansing or when feeling stressed or anxious.


    • Revered for its cleansing properties, Sage smoke is potent in removing negativity and stagnation. It can also be used for protection, grounding, and spiritual purification.
    • Sage is more intense than Palo Santo and can be used for deeper cleansing rituals or when dealing with heavy negative energy.

Combining Palo Santo and Sage:

    • Cleansing and Protection: Burn Sage first to clear away negativity, then use Palo Santo to fill the space with positive energy and light.
    • Grounding and Inspiration: Start with Palo Santo to ground your energy, then follow with Sage for deeper purification and focus.
    • Intention and Ritual: Choose the order based on your intention. For example, if seeking creativity, start with Palo Santo, then Sage for purification before your creative work.

Important Tips:

    • Use sustainable sources for both Palo Santo and Sage.
    • Always practice safe burning methods and keep away from flammable materials.
    • Listen to your intuition and use what feels right for you.

DharmaShop makes sure to only provide sustainably sourced ingredients in our incense.  Shop our collection of Palo Santo and Sage incense below.

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