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March 29, 2022 1 min read

Since my first trip to Kathmandu, I have been fascinated by the tone, spiritual energy, and gentle calm that radiates from singing bowls.  The first time I saw them being hand hammered over an open flame I was hooked.    

Singing Bowls have traditionally been made of copper and tin, the same traditional metals used in bells.  Over the years, other metals representing the 7 chakras were added, creating new tones, finishes and overall looks.   

Besides being decorative, singing bowls can be used for meditation, to clear space of negative energy and if you don’t believe in any of that, they create a calm peaceful tone to take you out of a negative mindset.   

Dharmashop works directly with singing bowl artists to create spectacular, resonant and powerful tools to open space, create peace and turn off your mind a bit as you listen to the powerful tones.   

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