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July 13, 2023 2 min read

Tibetan singing bowls are rooted in the ancient shamanistic Bon Po culture of the Himalayas, predating Buddhism. These unique instruments made their way into Buddhist practice as aids to meditation and the journey to enlightenment. When struck or circled with a mallet, they emit a powerful, captivating tone that instantly calms the mind and induces a meditative state. This makes them an integral part of yoga, meditation, and sound therapy.

Singing bowls are made traditionally from a bronze alloy containing copper and tin, known as "bell metal", but they may also include traces of other metals. They are hammered by hand, each blow resonating with the maker's intention. This hand-forging process leads to each bowl producing a unique, rich, multi-layered sound that is as individual as a human voice.

The mystique of Tibetan singing bowls lies not only in their sound but also in the way they allow us to tap into different states of consciousness. They align our mind, body, and soul, creating space for healing and harmony. The vibrations produced by these bowls can help reduce stress, align the chakras, and aid in pain relief.

Responding to Our Customers

At, we hold a deep appreciation for the cultural and spiritual significance of these Tibetan treasures. Over time, we've received numerous requests from our customers for singing bowl sets, each carrying a distinct note corresponding to the seven chakras, enabling a full range of sound healing. While building these sets in Kathmandu, we also started to build sets that resonate together, we play every bowl, and as we started to build sets our customers responded.  

We listened. Our priority has always been to meet the spiritual and wellness needs of our customers. We understand the value that singing bowls add to your practices, and in response to your feedback, we've curated a collection of high-quality, hand-hammered Tibetan singing bowl sets.

These sets, each beautifully crafted by skilled artisans in Nepal, offer the complete range of healing tones. They provide an enriching experience whether you're a sound healer, a yoga teacher, a meditation practitioner, or simply someone who appreciates the subtle artistry and profound resonance of these bowls.

We believe in the power of sound as a pathway to wellness and the mystique of these ancient tools that blend art, craft, and spiritual practice. By introducing these Tibetan singing bowl sets, we hope to amplify the transformative power of sound in your life, bringing balance, harmony, and a sense of deep inner peace.

We invite you to explore the mystical world of Tibetan singing bowls, to experience the beauty of their music, and the depth of tranquility they bring to your spiritual journey. Our journey in curating these sets has been deeply rewarding, and we hope that they serve to deepen your practice and wellbeing.

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