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May 22, 2019 1 min read

Tiger Rugs and the carpet making industry in Tibet is hundreds if not thousands of years old. Since the Chinese occupation, you will find many of their traditions and methods are still being used, but are now being sold in Nepal where many Tibetans fled during that time. 

The tiger is known to symbolize unconditional confidence and disciplined awareness, kindness, and modesty. This is why a carpet such as this is commonly seen in an altar space or place for meditation, for they are a great symbol of protection during your practice. The tiger is associated with confidence, dominance over the forest, and the air element.Many Tibetans believe that meditating on a tiger carpet will protect you from negativity and increase your awareness during your meditation practice.  

The style of Tibetan carpets we carry are traditionally made of wool, as this material is extremely durable and long lasting. Many of these types of rugs can actually be passed down from generation to generation due to the high quality material and crafting process. Each rug features 100 knots per square inch and each knot is tied by hand. There are still artisans today who practice these traditional crafting methods, and we work with them directly to share their tradition and craft with the western world. 

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