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Monk's Mala 64



  • Malas like this one are traditionally used by Buddhist monks while walking kora around sacred sites.
  • During the early days of DharmaShop, we would purchase one-of-a-kind malas from the monks around Boudhanath Stupa.  We've since found an incredible shop nearby that specializes the same handcrafted mala beads used by the monks during their pilgrimage!
  • This monk's mala is handmade in Nepal using naturally stained yak or water buffalo bone beads, naga shell and copal coral spacers, pressed turquoise accents, and antique-style Tibetan bell and dorje mala counters that are hand strung on leather.

Walking kora is an important part in the lives of many Tibetans and Buddhists, including monks and nuns.  This form of meditation involves walking clockwise around a sacred site, often spinning prayer wheels, counting malas, or repeating mantras.  This simple practice calms the mind helps the pilgrim, or "one who circles," accumulate merit on their journey to spiritual enlightenment.

A note about bone usage:  In the Himalayas, it is typical for large animals such as yak or water buffalo to be used for service, food, clothing, and ritual items.  Given the limited amount of resources and the religious practices of the people in the region, it is important that none of the animal goes to waste.  These amazing bone beads are handcrafted by artisans who recycle and reuse everything in daily life and spiritual practice.

Mala measures approximately 26 inches around.  Bone beads are about 13-14mm, spacer beads are 13-15mm, guru bead is about 20mm.