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Flaming Jewel Mala Counters

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  • Handmade in Nepal of antiqued brass, these mala clip counters feature a flaming jewel design.
  • Mala counter clips like this one are often referred to as, "bhum" or "bum" mala counters.  They open up and can be placed between the beads of your mala to count large amounts of mantras.
  • Many Buddhists use prayer beads as a form of practice and prefer to keep count and track their mantra recitations.  These counters are great for counting many mantras or marking special places on your mala.

A traditional mala counter typically has 10 beads on a string and is used to keep track of ten thousand mantras.  Bhum style mala counters, known as million marker counters, can be used in conjunction with a traditional mala counter to track each set of ten thousand mantras.  This ancient system gives you the opportunity to keep track of literally millions of mantras.

The treasure vase with flaming jewels symbolizes Buddha’s dharma teachings.  It can also represent long life, health, wealth, and prosperity.

Measures approximately 1 inch tall and 0.5 inch wide.  Can open to fit on most malas.  Includes 2 counters.