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Authentic Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Bath Session (10 Minutes)

Immerse yourself in 10 minutes of deep relaxation with this Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Bath session led by DharmaShop founder Sander Cohen. Featuring a wide collection of authentic, handmade singing bowls sourced in Kathmandu, Nepal by us at DharmaShop alongside one of Nepal's greatest singing bowl producers, collectors, and sound therapy luminaries.

This recording offers an intimate yet powerful soundscape designed to melt away stress, quiet the mind, and transport you to a place of inner peace. Perfect for your morning routine or evening wind down. The rich, resonant tones of these handcrafted bowls will gently wash over you, promoting relaxation on a cellular level. They range from new bowls handcrafted by 4th and 5th generation singing bowl artisans to antique bowls sourced in the region. 

Whether you're a seasoned meditator or new to sound healing, this session is a perfect way to unwind and reconnect. Find your comfortable position, close your eyes, and let the sounds guide you on a journey of deep relaxation.


Youtube version ideal for streaming to devices: