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Shungite Protection Mala



  • Shungite is known as one of the most powerful mineral healers.  It has the ability to protect and purify.
  • This Shungite 108 bead mala features authentic Shungite beads hand strung with brass accents.
  • Black stones like Shungite are known to offer protection to the wearer, provide stability, and ground the Root Chakra.

Wearing, holding or meditating with Shungite is said to increase its healing abilities.  It can reduce stress and anxiety by amplifying feelings of protection and balance.  Shungite can also be used to boost energy levels by absorbing and cleansing negative energy around you.  Some people believe that Shungite can protect from or inhibit electromagnetic fields from electronic devices.

Pair it with our matching Shungite Protection Bracelet!

Mala measures approximately 35 inches around with an adjustable knot.  Beads are 8-9mm.