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March 29, 2022 1 min read

Since 1999 when I started the dharmashop, we have always carried traditional wood, bone, seed and gemstone Mala beads.   Practitioners tend to use traditional bodhi seed, tiger eye or sandalwood malas. 

Our customers asked for more gemstones, and over the years we have created hundreds of designs with artists in Kathmandu and here at the dharmashop.  

We use strong cord, true gemstones, and offer a dazzling array of choices.  While these costlier and more extravagant beads may seem to be a direct conflict with the humble practice Mala. Many people find that connecting with the energy from powerful gemstones enhances their practice.  Our high quality Mala beads can be dressed up and worn as a reminder of your practice, or worn around the wrist on casual days to remind you of peace and the power of intention.  


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